TruSculpt ID - Redefine and Remodel Your Body

Everyone has a beautiful body. It’s time you defined your true body ID.

truSculpt ID allows you to sculpt your ideal body using a revolutionary, non-surgical, noninvasive method. Using monopolar radio frequency technology to target carefully selected body areas, truSculpt ID treatments work to heat and eliminate fat naturally.

The Benefits and Effectiveness of Fat Reduction Treatments

The results are amazing, with clinical studies recording a 24% fat reduction. The treatments are quick, comfortable, and reduce fatty tissue even in areas exercise fails to eliminate.

TruSculpt ID Treatment and its Benefits

And if you wonder what a truSculpt ID treatment feels like, think hot stone massage. Heat is applied to specific areas of your body at a level that is soothing and comforting.

Most clients seek treatment for the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, or back.

The results and benefits emerge after the very first treatment. Dr. Elledge can provide an individualized consultation to determine the necessary treatments to obtain the desired body shape.